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for your iPod video.

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Funny, It’s really FUNNY!

Somethimes, we really know something but didn’t know where, when, how and why we know that thing. For example 1+1=2, we all know the answer BUT 🙂 we don’t knnow how to explain in such a way.

I also don’t know how to explain this situastion!


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NeoCounter, check this out!

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Do you know what is iMac?

iMac actually is a name of Apple company product. Hope you all know what is Apple, the most popular product from Apple is iPod and it is using iTunes to transfer to MP3 or songs from a computer to iPod. Nowadays iPod has been develope to a new version it’s called iPod Nano. It using the new technology which we known as nanotech. iPod Nano is so powerful. The others products from Apple is Mac Book and Mac Book Pro that we called it as iBook (Is a laptop which run with Mac Os. So we called it as Mac Book or iBook), iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, then the software are Mac, iLife ’06, iWork ’06, Mac OS X tiger and other accesories such as iSight is the webcam.

Previously i just know the existence of these things. But i never touch it or use it. But a few weeks ago i have experienced the power of iMac that’s so amazing. If i speak like this you’ll never know. Once you try, you really can DIE 🙂 for an iMac. As you know the design of the Apple computer, its Centre Prosessor Unit (CPU) is built or fit in the monitor. Still the same nowadays iMac CPU is behind the LCD monitor. As we know, a LCD monitor is thin than the old fashion monitor, iMac monitor is similar to the other LCD monitor BUT 🙂 iMac LCD monitor included CPU which has Hard disk drive (HDD), 8x double-layer SuperDrive, (DVD+R DL, DVD±RW, CD-RW), Random Access Momery (RAM), and all the USB port, firewire port (IEEE 1394), and LAN networking is also can be found behind of the iMac LCD monitor. So we just need three pieces of apple product then we can start our multimedia work. Can you believe this?

The 3 pieces is the CPU with the LCD screen, the keyboard and a mouse. Then we can do everything you want! Can you believe this?

Photo took infront of an iMac

Taking fotograph is not a big deal with an iMac. The main thing want to share with you is iMac was so POWERFUL in doing multimedia work. Let me show you what else can we do, if just play with the camera only.

The Twin Brother Effect (mirror)

What the BrokeBack Mountain?

What happen to me?

Wow what a big FAT guy?!?

Oh…! Suffer…..! Painful….!

What Da HELL…..! Pls HELP ME…! PLs…

Sooner i’ll become ice blended Capocino!

Just playng with the effect is not enough for FUN! We have our creativity and inovative build your own storyline and get start to do your own comic! Be your own Hero, King, Queen, Spiderman, Superman, Cat Women?, anything you want. Like below.

Comic? you can do it yourself! As we called it DIY comic….!:-)

This sample is a simple and modern comic. Why i’m saying this comic is modern? Because it is colourful and beautiful! Do you agree with me? If you really really really want to make a comic, you may turn on the black N white effect, then you will get a home-made comic similar to a comercial one.

I am sure you get many information and some tips from above. If i have any mistake or wrong please comment…. Maybe we can exchange information. You have your right to say anything in wordpress.com.

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Welcome My Friends!

Hey, Hey, Hey! Welcome to WordPress.com and Welcome to my Blog yeah! Everybody is blogging nowadays, almost every teenager has their own Blog, so this also become a story or an issue, can be discuss whether “teenager blogging = Time wastage” or “Blogging make Politics More Transperant”.

Blog is just a Blog. The main purpose is to upload ur thing that you wish to share with other people! It’s always simply like that. So i think this Blog is a channel for me to tell story to everyone, to make some announcement, to share my experiences, to let you know my latest image, and to express myself. Say anything i like 🙂 hee hee…..

So are you going to join us! Join WordPress.com. We Blogging togather, share things togather.

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This is the me..!

Unbelievable? A young talented guitarist found in Penang.

This photo is capture during “Delve” live concert, The Wanderers 15th Annual Live Concert!

What do you feel?

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